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We know that you manage your company like a true professional. Thus make sure you maintain your work place looking professional as well. All it takes is a regularly scheduled cleaning by our technicians to keep all things looking bright and clean. Quality Clean has technicians readily available six days a week, thus we can simply show up in after work hours to expert. We know that you manage your business just like a true professional. Thus be sure you keep your work place looking professional Quality Clean steam cleans all of your carpet, rugs and upholstery inside your work place. We also give discounted “Corporate Rates”, so give us a call to arrange regularly scheduled cleanings at a low price. Call now so we can start developing our business relationship together.

Maintaining your office's carpet neat and presentable is normally very simple. Most offices line their floor with a commercial or industrial grade carpet. This kind of carpet is made a bit sturdier than the more comfortable grade carpet you will see in a home or apartment. Commercial grade carpet is made to allow shoes to walk over it without having an instant risk of damage or discoloration. And for the most part, stains come out of commercial carpet rather easily. Whatever the case, a regular cleaning for your work area is recommended to keep your company's office looking professional and clean. However due to all the reasons above, we usually charge less cash for those cleanings. We find it's fair since the commercial grade carpet cleans rather easily and commercial/office jobs are usually larger than the common one bedroom apartment.We are available six days a week, therefore we can easily clean up your office's carpet on the weekends when nobody's around to walk into it when it is clean or we could come right after everyone's left by the end of the day.When your office is particularly big, an exact quote might be required. We are also available to come out to determine the square footage for you and also schedule an appointment at the same time.

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