Removing Salt from Carpet in West Chester, Pa.

Rock Salt in Carpet in West Chester , Pa

What can I do to get rock salt out of my carpet in West Chester, Pa. 19382
With the winter that we have just had, a great deal of rock salt has been applied outside and has been brought inside to our carpeting on your shoes. This can be very damaging and give your carpet a dull, dirty, ugly appearance.

The first thing you should do is vacuum very thoroughly to get up any loose rock salt before any water is added. Secondly a mixture of vinegar and water can be applied. You should let the 50% vinegar & water solution dwell for approximately 15 minutes and blot with a clean towel, continuing until the salt stain is removed.

At Quality Clean we have the expertise and equipment to handle rock salt stain problems easily. We use specifically designed acidic solutions to break down the salt and our Bane Clene extraction system removes the salt from your West Chester home and deposits it in our tank for disposal. A homeowner simply does not have the ability to extract the rock salt and vinegar solution as a professional like Quality Clean. If you need help with this issue in the West Chester area, give Quality Clean a call at 610-485-1234 and we will be happy to help solve your problem.

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