Chichester PA Upholstery Cleaning - Carpet Ink Stain Treatment

Listed here is a simple Diy Carpet Ink Stain Removal Tip in Boothwyn, PA. Do you have a bad ink, dye or color stain on your carpet? If yes, then you have come to the right spot to try an inexpensive method. For carpet ink stain removal, what is needed are a few basic home items and you must be well on your journey to cleaner carpets.


Items Needed:


Moistened white terry cloth/wash cloth, Clothing iron, as well as a bottle of hydrogen peroxide


Ways in the Process:


1. Dampen the stained spot well using the hydrogen peroxide (try on a hidden spot first, since hydrogen peroxide can take off the real colour of some carpet fibers).

2. Place the moist wash cloth over the stained region.

3. Apply the heated clothing iron in the top of damp wash cloth for a few seconds enabling the stain to soak up into the wash cloth.


Keep track of the whole process closely permitting more or less time period on the heated iron as needed. Continue on these steps over and over again across the whole stained area right up until achieving preferred results. Be careful since you can easily burn off or melt your carpet fibers when you leave the iron down very long.


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